Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Willard Slough

Willard was an oddly sort and that was putting it nice
He never washed his hands just once he had to wash them twice

When Willard walked about the town he brought with him a sack
And when he put his smock coat on the front was in the back

One shoe was red, one shoe was blue, the other shoe was green
And Willard walking through the town was something to be seen

He wore pink gloves with the fingers out and carried a candy cane
Which he used to bonk folk on the head when they dared call him insane

One day I chanced to see the man he was in a backward run
I followed him so quickly then to see how this was done

It’s the eyes in back of my head, you see, was Willard’s quick retort
Then off in a flash he was gone again to seal up his fort

I miss the days of Willard Slough, running through the town
For when Willard Slough was with us then, who had a need for clowns

Happy Rabbit Hole Day!


fairyhedgehog said...

I love this Bevie, especially One shoe was red, one shoe was blue, the other shoe was green

Kate said...

I think I miss Willard Slough too:) I especially like the three shoes.

iasa said...

i love it. hoping willard will run through my town soon.

Bevie said...

Thanks all.

Wasn't sure how this would turn out.

Whirlochre said...

There's rhythm in this — Willard wandrin' along in his weird odd shoes...

Old Kitty said...


Brilliant! I hope Willard Slough unseals his fort and start running through the town again.


Happy Rabbit Hole Day!

Take care


Bevie said...

Thanks again.

He does form an interesting picture in the mind, doesn't he?

Peter Dudley said...

The shoes is awesome. The hand washing reminded me of a sign I saw...

Bevie said...

Hi, Peter. I checked out the link. That sign thing certainly seems to hint at discrimination. Like it's believed a single hand washing won't suffice for certain kinds of people.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Love the shoes, too. Awesome job, Bevie.

Bevie said...

Thanks. This is pretty much how my poetry works. [haha]